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随着Bang的抽签,2019年世界赛小组赛的分组已经产生,Reddit网友开展了有趣的讨论,标题为:2019 World Championship/Pool 3 Draw/Post-Draw Discussion(抽签讨论)

[-]RB_7 39 minutes ago

Splyce’s reward for being on the brink of elimination is the free-est group of all time. Nice.


[-]Todeswucht 35 minutes ago

FNC hard slam SPY in the worlds seeding decider...

Only to get a much harder worlds group than them.

This system is fucked


[-]Hauzenstein 24 minutes ago

If FNC literally ran it down mid vs Splyce in that qualifier and took a quick 0-3, they'd be in group B instead of C.


[-]19degreez 23 minutes ago

Damn, SPY barely qualified by the skin of their teeth and now get the easiest group in history. If they don't get out of group stage, EU fans are gonna dismantle them with seething hate and they'll be memed for eternity. They must have mixed feelings about this right now...


[-]ctchocula420 23 minutes ago

It's gonna be fucking awesome when SKT, FNC and RNG all finish 4-2 and then one of them gets eliminated in a tiebreaker match. Absolutely nothing wrong with Worlds format, btw :)


[-]IceNineKilled 17 minutes ago

No wonder Rekkles was pissed when he saw the draw..


[-]IAMThe4thHokage 24 minutes ago

People got big mad at me when I said FNC vs SPY was useless because seeding doesn't matter.


[-]MiG-25 33 minutes ago

I doubt that world champion caliber teams would care too much about groups anyways. If you want to beat the best better do it in more volatile bo1s than bo5s


[-]re81194 39 minutes ago

imagine playing a bo5 for seeding and the winner pulls SKT RNG and CG while the loser pulls FPX GAM and fucking J Team.

what a joke

想象一下当你打了一个bo5,赢的队伍和SKT RNG CG分在一组,输的队伍和FPX GAM和J Team分在一组。这d就是个笑话。

[-]Kagarill 29 minutes ago

Fnatic got outsmarted


[-]Apocalyptic93 40 minutes ago

NA Fucked


[-]look4look 33 minutes ago

Jatt said it best.

If TL wants to get into top 8, they have to beat a top8 team.

Jatt (美国解说)说的对,假如Liquid想进入八强,他们需要击败一只前八的队伍。

[-]brolikewtfdude 29 minutes ago

While group B can cruise in without beating a top 8 team.


[-]AzerFraze 40 minutes ago

That was Bangs best performance of the year


[-]neenerpants 29 minutes ago

"If I'm going down I'm taking this whole damn region with me!"